How Edsquare helps scaling?

New Staff Orientation

It’s easy to hire new staff, but how to ensure they become productive before turning over again?

This is how…

Risk Management – Protect Contacts

No matter it’s school or client contacts, it’s inevitable some will get lost in handover.

Invoice may go uncollected, applications or clients fall under the crack when there is turnover. 

See how Edsquare helps your sail through turnover.

Auto Reminders & Overviews

Edsqaure auto reminders for your application and counseling staff to follow up for next steps. So, you don’t have to micro manage, instead you can provide coaching in weekly meeting.

School Network

Mid sized agency approached Edsqaure because they want to diversify school offerings in other countries to clients.

This is not just about hiring a counselor, you need a decent school network and constant client flow to retain a counselor!